Lançamento de Livro – The Brazilian State: Debate and Agenda

No dia 07 de outubro de 2011, houve o lançamento do livro:

The Brazilian State: Debate and Agenda

(Lanham and New York: Lexington Books, 2011)

Editado por Mauricio A. Font and Laura Randall com a assistência de Janaina Saad

“This timely volume explores how Brazil avoided the extremes of left and right to become a pragmatic model of democratic development. Brazil’s success in combining macroeconomic stability with economic growth and expanded social programs is an inspiration to a world that is rejecting extremist nostrums and authoritarian excuses. These well researched essays show how the Brazilians did it, and what remains to be done, both in Brazil and throughout the developing world.”—Ted Goertzel, Rutgers University

The Brazilian State: Debate and Agenda is part of the Bildner Western Hemisphere Studies Series. This book is a collection of 16 essays from the conference  The Brazilian State: Paths and Prospects of Dirigisme and Liberalization  held at The Graduate Center, City University of New York in November 2009. Collectively, the papers explore state reform, institutional development, policy effectiveness, and economic dynamics since the 1930s.

List of Contributors
Monica Arruda de Almeida, Glauco Arbix, Leslie Elliott Armijo, Renato Boschi, John F. Collins, David Fleischer, Mauricio Font, Christine Gustafson, Elaine da Silveira Leite, Maria Rita Loureiro, Lia Zanotta Machado, Ana Cristina Braga Martes, Scott B. Martin, João Paulo M. Peixoto, Cecília Olivieri, Laura Randall, Eiiti Sato, José Roberto Ferreira Savoia, Fernando Sotelino, J. Ricardo Tranjan, Thomas J. Trebat

Mauricio A. Font is professor of sociology at the Graduate Center and Queens College, City University of New York, where he is also director of the Bildner Center for Western Hemisphere Studies.

Laura Randall is the author of Factors Affecting Learning and Cost Effective Schooling in Primary Schools in Latin America, and of The Political Economy of Brazilian Oil.

Janaina Saad is a research associate at the Bildner Center for Western Hemisphere Studies.

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