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Antem a data: 31 de dezembro de 2012. Este é o prazo de envio de resumos para aqueles que atuam com a análise de redes sociais, e que se interessem em participar na Conferência da rede internacional para a análise de redes sociais que ocorrerá em Julho de 2013, na China.

Vejam a chamada para trabalhos (em inglês).

The 2013 Xi’an INSNA Conference will be held on July 12-15 in Xi’an, China. It is organized by the Institute for Empirical Social Science Research of Xi’an Jiaotong University (XJTU) and the Chinese Association for Social Network Analysis.
The conference website is This is the venue where to submit your workshop or session proposals, paper abstracts, conference and hotel registrations, and tourist plans. The conference secretariat will send each registered participant an official letter of acceptance, which is to be used for a visa application from your local Chinese consulate.
The organizing committee is pleased to have the following people as international advisors: George Barnett, Ronald Breiger, Ronald Burt, Bonnie Erickson, Katherine Faust, Joseph Galaskiewicz, Nan Lin, Peter Marsden, Pip Pattison, Werner Raub, Gary Robins, John Skvoretz, Tom Snijders, Anne Tsui ,Stanley Wasserman, and Barry Wellman.
Local organizers: Yanjie Bian (, Jieming Chen, Jiade Luo.
Conference secretariat Email:

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