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Este é o prazo máximo para aqueles que quiserem submeter artigos sobre o papel social das finanças e sobre a regulação dos mercados financeiros para a conferência eletrônica da World Economics Association. Os artigos aceitos ficarão disponíveis de 01 a 30 de novembro e a idéia é que o debate ocorra na forma de comentários postados online.

Para aqueles que se interessarem, vejam maiores detalhes sobre o evento a seguir. (Em inglês).

Rethinking Financial Markets

Social Capitalism, Economies of Money, and Custodial Regulation


The World Economics Association seeks to foster collective reconsideration of the social role of finance, and consequently, the regulation of financial markets.

To that end, the WEA announces an upcoming electronic conference, Rethinking Financial Markets. This conference explores consequences and possibilities of three general suppositions.

1. Social capitalism: a great deal of social life has been capitalized.  Individuals and institutions in all reaches of society are directly dependent on the functioning of capital markets.  As a corollary, financial market regulation should be understood as constitutive of core social processes, rather than the correction of the “failure” of some natural market.

2. Economies of Money: Due to developments including the securitization of assets, the expansion of credit markets, and the proliferation of markets in derivative instruments, financial markets are larger than traditional markets in goods and services.  The discipline of finance should be rethought to account for the mercurial sea of liquidity that characterizes “economies of money.”

3. Custodial Regulation: the practice of financial regulation should shift focus from fostering the formation and allocation of capital to maintaining the stability of the institutions, now all perforce monetary institutions, on which contemporary social life depends, hence “custodial regulation.”

These developments have consequences both for political economy writ large, and for the construction of specific markets.  If financial regulation were understood to be the construction of financial markets on which society could rely, how would (or should) policy, regulation and business practice look different?

One aim of this conference is to foster discussion among participants, to make this exchange more like a conversation, and less like a bulletin board, which is not always easy in an electronic context.  To that end, and specifically to provide shared reference points for discussion, a hub for many spokes, contributors are urged to read the conference problematique, which discusses in more detail the conception of the conference, and the topics listed in the call for papers.

Call for Papers

The World Economic Association solicits submissions of papers addressing the need to rethink financial markets in the current economy.  What have we learned from the recent and ongoing crises, and what may be done under current conditions?

In order to keep discussion as focused and concrete as possible, submissions are solicited under the following general rubrics.  These rubrics should be regarded as strongly suggested but not mandatory, i.e., papers that do not fall neatly under a single rubric will be considered.

  1. Recent history and the art of the possible
  2. Fiscal and monetary policy
  3. Tax, capital formation, and inequality
  4. Financial instruments
  5. Financial markets (exchanges)
  6. Financial institutions
  7. Custodial relations
  8. Labor markets and social capitalism

In keeping with the goal of fostering exchange across perspectives, papers may be relatively short, and clarity and accessibility of thought are strongly desired. Papers are expected to be between 2,500 and 10,000 words, although longer and/or more technical papers will also be considered.

While there are no rigid criteria for acceptance, papers will be evaluated with regard to creativity and penetration of thought, scholarship, clarity of expression, and responsiveness to the issues.  Authors will be notified by email.

Conference Timetable

Submissions may be made via the conference website on the submit a paper page

The deadline for submissions will be October 15, 2012.

All accepted papers will be posted on the conference website.  Papers will be posted and available for public comment on November 1, 2012. In the spirit of collective discussion, contributors are expected to respond to comments.

On November 30, 2012, the discussion period will come to an end, and papers and comments will be archived.

Rethinking Financial Markets will be announced throughout the WEA family of publications, and in other professional venues.

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