Mulheres em Wall Street

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Prezados Colegas,

Para aqueles interessados na questão sobre gênero e mercado financeiro, fica a dica do livro “Wall Street Women” de Melissa S. Fisher.

Segundo a book review, publicada na revista Businessweek, a autora é

“a visiting scholar at New York University’s Department of Social and Cultural Analysis, [AND]  traces 50 years of the personal and professional trajectories of the first generation of women to make it as executives on Wall Street. These female money managers served in top units of major investment banks and brokerage houses and ran their own boutique management firms. Fisher’s fieldwork consisted of a decade’s worth of interviews conducted in corner offices in New York and London. She pursued her subjects at fundraisers and networking events at Upper East Side manses and followed those who were let go in the aftermath of the crisis”.

Para ler a book review na íntegra, clique aqui.

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