4th EMES International Conference on Social Enterprise

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Anotem a data: em junho sairá o call for papers para a 4th  EMES  International Conference on Social Enterprise que ocorrerá nos dias 1, 2, 3 e 4 de julho de 2013 na cidade de Liege na Bélgica.

O tema será: If Not For Profit, For What? And How?

Vejam os eixos temáticos da conferência:

  In a truly worldwide and interdisciplinary perspective, this conference    will discuss social enterprise and social entrepreneurship through the    growing diversity of approaches that have developed in the last two    decades.

   The conference will bring together research streams related to the    third sector (non-profit sector, social economy, solidarity economy)    and emerging research communities around social innovation and social    entrepreneurship.

   Social enterprises have emerged in a variety of fields (social    services, health, education, culture, environment, finance, etc.) and    can be examined through diverse analytical grids. In order to organise    the research discussion across fields and disciplines, the conference    will be structured along 10 main thematic lines:

   1.    Concepts and models of social enterprise    2.    Social entrepreneurs, opportunities and creation processes    3.    Social innovation    4.    Civil society and social movements    5.    Financing social enterprise    6.    Labour and employment    7.    Governance of social enterprise    8.    Communication and marketing    9.    Performance assessment    10.  Institutionalisation and public policy

   These thematic lines will also provide a diversity of “entry points” to    examine the development of social enterprise and discuss its    contribution to global challenges such as sustainable development,    social inclusion, ethics in the economy, etc.

   For its 20^th anniversary, the Centre for Social Economy will host the    conference at HEC Management School – University of Liege, in a    1,000-year old city in the very heart of Europe.

Para maiores informações, visitem a página clicando aqui.

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