Pierre Bourdieu and his contribution to economics

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Para aqueles que quiserem participar da “Third International Conference in Political Economy” que ocorrerá em Paris dos dias 05-08 de julho de 2012.

Vejam a chamada para participar de uma sessão sobre Pierre Bourdieu e sua contribuição para a economia: [mensagem enviada por Asimina Christoforou, Coordinator of the Social Capital Working Group, PhD, Department of International and European Economic Studies, Athens University of Economics and Business (Greece)].

Dear all,
I would like to inform you of a conference that will be held in Paris, France, 5-8 July 2012, and jointly organised by the Association for Heterodox Economics (AHE), the French Association of Political Economy (FAPE), and the International Initiative for Promoting Political Economy (IIPPE). The conference theme is “Political Economy and the Outlook for Capitalism” and aims at bringing together scholars from all strands of political economy and heterodox economics in order to discuss their future and the recent developments in the global economy and in economic science
following the global economic crisis.
For this conference, as coordinator of the IIPPE social capital working group, I would like to propose a panel with a general theme on the contribution of Pierre Bourdieu in economics. Pierre Bourdieu (1930-2002) is a French sociologist, who has used the concept of social capital, along with forms of cultural and symbolic capital, to explain the reproduction of capitalist social structures and power relations. Also, he is known for his personal engagement in social struggles against neoliberal globalisation, and his active participation in the movement for intellectual autonomy and
the protection of public interest. Almost a decade after his death, and in the midst of the worst recession that the world has experienced since WWII, Bourdieu’s works and views on neoliberalism, the role of academia, and the need for resistance at a global scale are today more relevant than ever before. I think that the conference offers a great opportunity to discuss the difficulties of our times and Bourdieu’s contribution in this regard. I thus invite you to
submit papers and ideas for a panel that will focus on Bourdieu’s work.
Abstracts should be submitted to Asimina Christoforou (asimina@aueb.gr) by
the end of January, 2012.
Further details on the conference, click here.

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